Materiały na Olimpiadę Hotelarską

Hotel Check In Procedure
1. Greeting the guest
The eye contact and friendly smile is important.
Standard phrases:
“ Good morning / afternoon / evening, Sir / Madam. Welcome to ………………..
“ How may I help ?” or
“ Would you be checking in with us today?”
2. Establishing if a reservation has been made
„Do you have a reservation?”
3. Establishing if the reserved room is ready.
4. Establishing a guest name
“ May I have your surname / last name, Sir / madam?
“ May I see your passport, Sir / madam?
If a guest Has to wait use phrases such as: “One moment please or I am sorry to keep you waiting”.
5. Obtaining a method of payment ( MOP )
Use phrases such as:
“ Mr ………. How would you like to pay your room charges?
6. Explaining Hotel facilities, asking about special Leeds (wake-up call)
A brief explanation of the hotel facilities should be given if guest is not in a hurry:
In the hotel room there is a booklet with our regulations and facilities like: SPA, swimming pool, gym, fitness. Do You have any wishes?
7. Giving a registration card and a key
Give the pre-printed registration card to the guest to complete
Here is the key to your room with residence card.
8. Rooming the guest, showing the way
Your room number is 22 and it is situated on the second floor. The lifts are near the reception desk on the left side. Your room is on the right side of the lift.
We wish you a nice stay.
9. Updating guest profile
Make sure that all guest registration details are updated in the system. Any change of billing instructions or guest information should be keyed in immediately.
10. Opening a guest aacount


Hotel Check Out Procedure
1. Informing Staff about the guest departure
2. Greeting the guest
Standard phrases:
“Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening, Sir/Madam / Mr…. / Mrs…., May I help you/”
“May I have your room number, please?”
3. Asking about the stay
„Did you have a nice stay?”
„Did you enjoy your stay in our hotel?”
4. Extra services
I would like to inform that you have used services which were not included in the order as follows: SPA and the supper in the hotel restaurant.
5. Taking the key
„May I have the key?”
6. Presentation of guest bill
Please, check if everything is all right, this is the bill.
7. Confirming the payment metod
What method of payment do you prefer? Cash or credit card?
8. Offering luggage assistance or transportation service
Standard phrases:
‘May I arrange a car to the airport for you?”
„Do you need our hand with your luggage or maybe should I order a taxi for you?”
9. Thanking the guest
Use phrases such as:
“Mrs….. thank you very much for staying with us. Have a pleasant journey”
“It is our pleasure to have you with us Mrs….. Hope to see you again soon”
10. Invite to use hotel services in the future
We are looking forward to seeing you next time in our hotel.
11. Close the guest account


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